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    Rita Joy

    Founder of Harbour Breeze


    If you are looking for a course from a trained Interior Designer, that wouldn't be me!;) However, I am a passionate home-maker who has started and completed 29 room makeovers in 28 years ~ all of which were done under $500 (and most were way less!).

    I've never torn out walls or hired building contractors, but I've used my creative determination to totally transform the look and feel of many of the rooms in the fixer upper homes we've lived in.

    I love to laugh. I love to encourage. And, I love to tell stories on Instagram. I would be absolutely honored to meet you.

    What will you learn:

    • Where do I even start?
    • Where do I gather inspiration for a room makeover?
    • How do I make a plan for my room?
    • What can I do when my budget is tight?
    • How do I determine what style I like?
    • What if I'm afraid I'll make the wrong decision?
    • Where do I turn when I'm stuck and I can't decide?
    • How and when do I choose a paint color?